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RE: [ft-l] Lake Kissimmee State Park Hike Report

That park is silly with wildlife-- I've awakened to Sandhills cruising through
my campsite, watched raccoons brazenly scoping my chuck box (sealed, of course)
with no regard for my presence, attracted deer with my harmonica (no kidding),
and observed nesting eagles (south loop, east side, just south of the prairie).
Signs of turpentining operations along the trail, birds of every kind along the
lake edge.  Interpretive history at the Cow Camp- with some of the few remaining
Spanish Andalusian cattle ("scrub cows") in the state.  Except for the nearly
constant drone of airboats at any hour (not too many places left anywhere where
you can get completely free of technology and commerce!), this park is
exceptional for a place to get away and relax, easy to reach for most central

But please keep it a secret.


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In an attempt to go hiking during hunting season, Solar Bear (Rich Evans) and
myself decided to visit one of the State Parks last Sunday.  It wasn't until we
started the drive that we decided to go visit Lake Kissimmee SP.
The south loop was rather easy and peaceful.  It was really nice getting away
from the city life for just a couple hours.  No cars, no computers and no
shopping malls.  We only saw one other small group of people on the trail, but
no deer and not much wildlife:(.  I thought for sure we would see some deer on
the south loop.  A little rain started towards the end of the hike, but it was
just enough to enjoy.
On the drive out of the park we DROVE past a total of 8 deer (a 4 pack, a 2 pack
and a 2 pack).  Go figure<?>.  And the vehicle didn't scare them at all until I
turned off the motor<?>.
Happy Hiking,
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