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[ft-l] Some words on usage or lack thereof...

Everyone on FT-L,
It has been brought to my attention that some people may have preconceived thoughts that this mailing list may only be used to discuss the Florida Trail.  This is not true.  Even though most messages will be centered around using, administering, maintaining and supporting the FT, this doesn't mean that general discussions of backpacking, hiking, or some of the many Florida related conservation issues can not be discussed.  Trail reports, trip logs, pictures (under 60kb), gear talk are all welcome.  In fact, I urge everyone to bring to this list their diversity, knowledge and creativity!
Also, keep in mind that there are people from several Florida related activities groups on this list including both the Florida Trail Association and the Sierra Club.  This list is not group specific.
The only thing I would like to keep off this list is the annoying advertising.  If you have to advertise something, please only do it once.
Happy Trails and Happy Holidays,
Jeff Walters