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> From: Florida Trail Association <fta@florida-trail.org>
> To: Daryl Wells <daryl@jaxnet.com>
> Cc: Sylvia Dunnam <dunnams@mail.firn.edu>; Fred Schiller
> Subject: Web Page Message
> Date: Monday, November 23, 1998 11:57 AM
> Daryl,
> Vernon Compton called this morning to say that the work on Eglin that was
> to be done at the North Regional Fall Conference Dec 4-6 has to be
> postponed. Please post the following message from him on the web page at
> his request.
> The FTA North Regional Fall Conference planned for Dec 4-6, 1998 hosted
> the Western Gate Chapter has been postponed. There has been an
> positive response to the Eglin Environmental Assessment, however, a
> to extend the public comment period has been received. Eglin will not
> FTA permission to work on the trail until some time in December, at the
> earliest. For additional information about this matter, contact Vernon
> Compton, FTA Western Gate Chapter Chair, 303 Conecuh Street, Milton, FL
> 32570, tel 850/983-2557, email: comptonv@bellsouth.net
> Judy, FTA
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