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RE: [ft-l] Listers Meeting

Great idea!  I'd definitely be interested.  Although I know a bunch of you, I'd
love to meet everyone else.

I've got some good slides of our trips on the Toiyabe Crest Trail, Arc Dome
Wilderness, and Paria Canyon.  While they're not exactly long-distance thru
hikes, they each took us a week to do, and some of the scenery is breathtaking.
Toiyabe Crest/Arc Dome is a little-known but outstanding Nat'l Recreational
Trail in Nevada-- scenery and altitude you'd never think existed there.

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Would anybody like to take a half an hour at the FT annual meeting in March to
meet the others on this list?  Then we could put names & faces together.  If I
get enough positive response, I'll see if I can get a meeting on the schedule.

Incidentally, there will definitely be some different presentations on tap at
the annual meeting.  Jon Phipps is arranging to have a thru-hikers with slides
of their hikes from the following trails:  FT, AT, PCT, North Country Trail,
Long Trail, and I think Bruce Trail.  He's still working on getting some
others, so stand by for further developments.  And there will still be a
variety of other interesting, but more standard presentations.

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