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[ft-l] Hunting schedules

FYI:  Florida's game & freshwater fish commission maintains a web site
http://state.fl.us/gfc.  From their welcoming home page select "hunting."
One of your options is to select the 1998-1999 Hunting Handbook.  This is an
on-line copy of the handbook available at tax offices and other places.  It
contains the general hunting schedule for private land.  It also contains a
list of 90 or so wildlife management areas.  Note that it says that seasons on
WMA's may vary.  This is grossly understated since each WMA seems to have its
own schedule.  A second option under "hunting" is to select Wildlife Area Maps
& Regulation Summaries.  There, divided into 5 regions, are copies of the
regulation brochures for each management area.  These are the brochures,
commonly available at check-in stations, that list the hunting seasons in each
of the particular WMA's.  Most also have a map that can be downloaded.
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