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[ft-l] Re: Panhandle Hike

	This is SO great--it's the hike _I_ would do if I could.  I've
done a lot of it, just not all as one piece.  It has all the BEST parts
of the trail in this area.  The Bradwell Bay section is dry right now, 
but I don't know what it will be like in January.  I hiked it when it
was WET--like water up to your knees--and it was one of the best hikes
I've ever had!  So I'm inclined not to worry which way it is in Jan.

	Basically, it's Section 23: Apalachicola East.  My figures come
out at almost exactly 25 miles.  Joan Hobson's book makes it look like
30 miles, but I'm pretty sure she's wrong.

	One end is at US 319, southwest of Medart and the other end is
at the western boundary of Bradwell Bay on FR 314.  It could be hiked
either way.  The section leader is Richard Graham 850-878-3616 and he
might have ideas about safety of leaving cars overnight at either end.

	If I know far enough ahead, I might be able to "Trail Angel"
with shuttle, pick-up, drop-off, etc., from a safer spot to leave cars--
like from a police station in Medart or Crawfordville or some such.
Just let me know what I could do for you.

	This is such a BEAUTIFUL section:  Grimes Bay, Sopchoppy River,
Bradwell Bay.  I hope this is what you choose.  Which direction you hike
may depend on how many miles you'll hike the first day--i.e.  how close
to the start you need to find a first-night's campsite.  I know where
the one would be if you start at the west end, but if you start at the
Medart end, I'm not sure.  Maybe Richard Graham could be a help on this.

	I'm going to go ahead and mail you copies of some more detailed
maps of this hike that I have.  You'll get a better idea of it than you
will from the regular guidebook.  Let me know if I can help any more.
--  Earthworm

PS  Will you be wearing your tutu??  :-)  Thanks for the photos--they

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