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Re: [ft-l] Shelters

I saw it too!  It's been a while since I posted any "word of the week's", especially after that last death threat -- just joking <grin>.
The last I heard, there was a total of 2 shelters on the Florida Trail.  Joan Hobson once showed me one in Section 11 which is just north of Orlando.  It's north of SR46 near Blackwater Creek.  It's basically a run down hunting shelter/camp.  It's 3 sided with big holes in the walls.
<creeeek -- the soap box opens!>
There are some problems I see with shelters in Florida.   For one, unless it has bug netting or very cold the mosquitoes could drive you out of them.  Two: most of the existing shelters in Florida were originally built by hunters (as are some of our trails) and are bound to have dirt road access to them.  This may drive people away -- no solitude experience.  Third:  just about anywhere in Northern/Central Florida is accessible by off-road vehicles.  Shelters may attract the wrong kind of crowd.  Most of the shelters on the AT don't have problems -- I believe this is because most of them are very hard to get to.  Fourth: currently the FTA needs to direct it's funds towards acquiring land for completing the FT as a long distance trail.  From talking to several AT backpackers, people (snow birds) would flock down by the dozens if they knew they could hike a long distance trail in the "WINTER"!
Jeff Walters
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