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[ft-l] Trailwalkers Patch


Several members of the Suwannee Chapter made a start on getting their
Trailwalker patch from the Division of Forestry today.  We went to Anderson
Springs in the Twin Rivers State Forest.  It was a short pretty trail set
on the eastern side of the Suwannee River just across from part of the
Ellaville Trail that is on the western side of the river.  The Ellaville
Trail is on the Forestry list for the walking program so I figure as
section leader I have quite well covered that one.  That is two trails down
and eight to go for my coveted patch.

Are any of you coming to the North Area Conference?  I understand that the
Western gate Chapter has have flagged 18 miles of the trail in Eglin and
just waiting for other enthusiastic FT members to start blazing it.  The
whole conference will be dedicated to getting this trail through Eglin.  I
believe there is about 70 miles that have to be blazed so all help is
welcome.  The project is too big for just one chapter to handle.  I know
ten people will be going from the Suwannee Chapter.

Carol Ann Schiller
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