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[ft-l] Trailwalker Program

Dear Fellow Hikers,

I am not sure if you heard about the Trailwalker program started by the
Florida Division of Foresty just recently.  You can get more information on
it by contacting your local state of Florida Division of Forestry person or
write to them in Tallahassee to receive a pamphlet. Two areas within the
Twin Rivers State Forest are on the list-the Ellaville Trail and the
Anderson Springs Trail.

The Division of Forestry has recently implemented a new hiking program for
its state forests.  The Trailwalker program is designed to motivate people
to learn more about Florida's state forests by exploring and hiking its
trails.  Merit badges and certificates will be awarded to visitors for
their hiking accomplishments.

To earn a certificate and patch, walk a total of 10 trails in a minimum of
five state forests, selecting trails from the Trail List.  A pamphlet is
available for you to log your progress.  Survey cards will be available at
each trailhead for you to send in after completing a trail.  As you send in
your survey cards, a sticker will be sent to you to affix next to the entry
for each trail you hike.  When you have logged 10 trails, we will send you
a patch plus a certificate signed by Agriculture Commissioner Bob Crawford.

There are two additional levels to the program.  If you walk another 10
trails in an additional five or more state forests, you will be awarded the
Trailblazer level.  If you walk every trail on the Trail List, you will
achieve the final level of Trailmaster.

Carol Ann Schiller
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