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Re: [ft-l] Fox News and Extreme Backpacking?

Down here in Florida.... a good addition woud be...

1.  More than a mile of Deer flies biting your legs
2.  Remote trail in the Evaglades - and you have to "go" behind a tree with
zillion skeeters.
3.  Log bridge is under water, and Mr Gator is peeking over at your direction.
4.  You wonder why the armed forces are training right next to you on the trail
and fireroads.


At 10:14 AM 10/28/98 -0500, you wrote: 
> Did anyone happen to see Fox News at 10:00 last night?
> They had something on "Extreme Backpacking"<?>
> Of course Travelcountry Outdoors was involved in it as a promotional ad, but
> it was interesting to watch.  They made it sound like there is a branch of
> backpacking known as "extreme" backpacking.   Is this so?  I've never heard
> of that one...  I've heard of hiking, backpacking, long-distance backpacking,
> slack-packing, etc.
> After watching this, I figured I would help define what "should" be called
> "extreme backpacking".
> Extreme Backpacking:
> 1.  When the trail is under 2 ft of water.
> 2.  When your pack weight exceeds %50 of your body weight.
> 3.  When the elevation changes more than 1000 ft in one mile.
> just to get us started...feel free to add to this list.
> Jeff Walters

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