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[ft-l] Fox News and Extreme Backpacking?

Did anyone happen to see Fox News at 10:00 last night?
They had something on "Extreme Backpacking"<?>
Of course Travelcountry Outdoors was involved in it as a promotional ad, but it was interesting to watch.  They made it sound like there is a branch of backpacking known as "extreme" backpacking.   Is this so?  I've never heard of that one...  I've heard of hiking, backpacking, long-distance backpacking, slack-packing, etc.
After watching this, I figured I would help define what "should" be called "extreme backpacking".
Extreme Backpacking:
1.  When the trail is under 2 ft of water.
2.  When your pack weight exceeds %50 of your body weight.
3.  When the elevation changes more than 1000 ft in one mile.
just to get us started...feel free to add to this list.
Jeff Walters