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[ft-l] hopelessly optimistic

>I actually have a good time slopping through the swamp-- I find it fulfilling
>>(how many women do YOU know who will wade through a swamp for fun?).=20 Pam

I know a few. Bet you do, too. Section 16, Olustee, has a cypress swamp which belongs to the north prong of the St. Marys River, (I think Mr. Orser told me that). The FT is blazed on cypress trees right through the clear cool swamp water. It is one of the loveliest places I've seen. And speaking of lovely places...we have a maintenance hike on the Suwannee River published for this weekend. I am OPTIMISTIC that we'll have a good turnout and plenty of help to clean up the debris after El Ni=F1o had its way with the trail along the Suwannee. Contact Ed Wolcott (352) 376-3034 or check =46ootprint for more info. : )

Never knock on Death's door.=20
Ring the doorbell and run.=20
( He hates that ! ) Later....Sandy
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