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Re: [ft-l] AT Trip and the Word of the Week!

>      Well, It's finally time to hit the  trail!  Myself and a small group
>of FTA (Florida Trail Association) members  are going to be on the AT next
>week.  We leave tomorrow and should be on  the trail from Tues. Oct. 12 to
>Thurs. Oct. 15.  Our start is at the  Standing Indian Campground and we'll
>be heading up the Long Branch Trail to the  AT (North to South) and then
>back on the Kimsey Creek Trail.   Tues.   Big Spring  Shelter Wed.  
>Carter Gap  Shelter Thurs.  Standing Indian  Shelter   It will be nice to
>get out of this hot  weather and into some 30-40 degree nights!  Brrr, I
>can't wait! <big  grin>   Since I will not be here next week for  the
>"Word of the Week",  I am handing this official power over to  Sandy
>Hubbard.  I thought about making the word "COLD", because I  am waiting
>for it to get cold down here so we can all go backpacking again or
>because I am getting tired of hiding in the Air Conditioning all the
>time.   Anyway, Sandy it's all yours! <big grin>  Have fun  everyone.  
>Happy Trails, Jeff Walters ---------------------------------------------
>Anywhere is walking  distance, if you've got the time.
>(Steven  Wright)
>Florida Backpacker's  Trailplace

jeff, thank you so much for your confidence in me regarding the  word of
the week.  i think i'll make it "BOOGER".  but maybe not.  i'll  have the
weekend to consider all the possibilities and make the big announcement
monday morning.

Never knock on Death's door.
 Ring the doorbell and run.
 ( He hates that ! )   Later....Sandy

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