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[ft-l] word of the week

> "Picturesque" was used only 6 times from my count.  I know we can do
>better than  that.   Ok, this weeks "Word of the Week".  This should  be
>creative one, but sorry Sandy it's not "tutu".   Word of the Week
>(10/5/98):   "Undulate"   Happy Trails, Jeff Walters --------

Now, Jeff,
Maybe I'm way off base here, but could it be that your words of the week
are just    W A Y   T O O  B I G ?    I mean, maybe if you used words like
"wet" or "itch" instead of words like  "UNDULATE"	........maybe more
people would have things to say.   : )

Never knock on Death's door.
 Ring the doorbell and run.
 ( He hates that ! )   Later....Sandy

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