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Re: [ft-l] ...so, Jeff

Oh, man... I forgot the word of the week!  Ok, let's wait until next week
for a new one.  I'll be ready by then!  Yeah, this list is rather quiet
these days.  I've got a couple messages coming your way soon.  The address
is ft-l@backcountry.net and hopefully it will remain there for a while.

Concerning the backpack, it's a success!  It ended up at about 14 oz. for
the whole thing.  That's a big difference compared to my Gregory backpack
which weighs 5 lb. 10 oz.  I'll be trying it out this winter.  It should
work as an excellent fall/spring/weekend type pack.

I had some problems finding "high-density foam" for the shoulder straps.  I
tried to make some from two different foams combined, but the straps
rubbed on my neck and caused irritation.  Lacking the ambition to make new
ones, I bought some CampTrails shoulder straps from Campmor, but I don't
like those much either.  They are a little too big and bulky.  I'll get
around to making another version of my straps again when I can get some good
high-density foam.

Happy Trails,
Jeff Walters
Anywhere is walking distance, if you've got the time.
(Steven Wright)
Florida Backpacker's Trailplace

>.....so, Jeff.....I figure either I must have missed the word of the week,
>or  the word of the week is "shhhhhhh",  or  you changed the ftml address &
>didn't tell me.  But anyway.....how's the backpack building going?
>Never knock on Death's door.
> Ring the doorbell and run.
> ( He hates that ! )   Later....Sandy
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