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Re: [ft-l] Re: Cumberland

I wish I could find my map of that Island!  I was there about 2 years ago
for a little vacation backpacking trip.  It's a beautiful Island.  We had
high winds and light rain while there, but we (myself and a friend from
Atlanta) didn't let it bother us.  The winds on the East coast were up to
about 50-60 mph.  I think I still have sand in my ears to this day.  You
could open your arms up and set sail.  The west coast offered a great
sunset!  The campsites are good, but make sure to check yourself for ticks
as there are many of those little red deer ticks.

All the names and places are alluding me at the moment.  What's the name of
that big white house on the east coast?  Anyway, there is a good water
source there as well as the mansion itself.  We enjoyed some good instant
coffee while taking in the scenery.  We never made it all the way to the
North end, maybe on my next visit.

Watch your step,
Jeff Walters
Anywhere is walking distance, if you've got the time.
(Steven Wright)
Florida Backpacker's Trailplace

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>Should read my mail before I send it--Should have said planning a trip to
>Cumberland Island this Dec.  We know about taking everything with us as no
>supplies available on the Is. , anyway, if anyone's been and has comments,
>please feel free to post them.
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