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Re: [ft-l] Homemade Backpack Progress!

>     Just to let everyone know, I have  made incredible progress on my
>homemade (Jardine style) backpack.  Now  remember that I have had
>absolutely no previous experience with sowing!   It's taken some time, but
>I am thrilled with the results so  far. size=3>  The main sack section is
>now  complete; including two side pouches (capable of carrying 2-liter
>bottles!), a  mid-section pull string which goes in and out of 8 grommets
>(good for hanging  socks and wet cloths), and a pull string top (I might
>add a flap).  So far  the backpack only weighs 7 oz. (without shoulder
>straps)!!!  It's lighter  than I thought it would be! size=3>  I'm still
>working on ideas for the  shoulder straps.  I'm considering copying the
>shoulder pad pattern off of a  Gregory pack or possibly just buying some
>Camp Trails replacement straps.   Any suggestions anyone?   Happy Trails,
>Jeff Walters ---------------------------------------------
>Anywhere is walking  distance, if you've got the time.
>(Steven  Wright)
>Florida Backpacker's  Trailplace
It's  s-e-w-i-n-g.
I'd purchase straps if I were you.
I admire and respect you for attempting this and for apparently succeeding!
I really like the little stitch thingys that you put at the bottom of the
You didn't say what color it is.  Is it picturesque?

Never knock on Death's door.
 Ring the doorbell and run.
 ( He hates that ! )   Later....Sandy

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