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Re: [ft-l] Prainie Lakes/Three Lakes

>>If that doesn't work out for you, I have a spot open on the Appalachian
>Trail trip to NC Oct. 10-18.      Description is in current Footprint.<
>  I'd love to go, but can't get away for more than a weekend.
>>Let me know what you find out about Prairie Lakes.  I have plans to be
>Mar 12, 13,14.  Plan to join us then, also.<
>I'm a CPA and am probably not going to be able to get away then-that's the
>height of my busy season.  :(  :(  OTOH I work for myself, so I can sneak
>in long weekends during most of the rest of the year.
> It looks like the weekend of 10/17-18 is good for Prairie Lakes.  If i
>remember correctly, isn't there a pond at Dry Pond that you can pump water
>from??  I'm tentatively planning to start at the end of the entrance road
>off SR 60, hike to Dry Pond for the night, then hike to the backpacking
>parking  ("2" on the trail guide) .  If I go from Dry Pond to the junction
>of the loops, then go on the west leg of the north loop, and around that
>way, it will be a nice amount of miles before driving home.  Total milage
>should be about 19 miles for two days.    Enough for novices.
>in Sunny So FLA
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