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Re: [ft-l] Prainie Lakes/Three Lakes

>I'm planning a backpack in Prairie Lakes/Three Lakes in late October.
>Does anyone know when hunting is in this area??   What shape is the
>trail in??

I copied this from the 1998-99 Hunting Season Dates Schedule. I'll probably
be posting an HTML version of this picturesque schedule on FBT sometime
soon.  I'll send you the MS Word version if you would like?

Prairie Lakes
Archery 10/2-10/4; 10/9-10/11
Muzzle Gun 10/30-11/1
General or Modern Gun 11/20-11/22; 11/27-11/29; 12/4-6; 1/8-10
Small Game 12/2-12/27
Turkey 3/20-3/22; 4/2-4/4; 4/16-4/18

Another option for beginner backpackers/hikers in that area is the Lake
Kissimmee State Park.  It has two relatively easy loop hikes with a
primitive camp out around Buster Island.  A picturesque area if you have
never been there.

Happy Trails,
Jeff Walters
Anywhere is walking distance, if you've got the time.
(Steven Wright)
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