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[ft-l] FT Ocala Questions


1) Does anyone see anything wrong with the itinerary shown below for a 
January 1999 hike of the FT through Ocala National Forest (north and 
south sections - Sections 12 & 13)? 

2) Are any of these camp areas ones to avoid?

3) Is Section 11 of the FT directly south of Ocala National Forest 
mostly a road walk like it looks on the map or is this actually a nice 
area to continue a hike into if I had the time?

4) Is Salt Springs anyplace worth hiking 6 miles round trip on a side 
trail assuming I don't need to resupply?

DATE                    MILE          OVERNIGHT STAY

SUN JAN 24		Gen Deer Season ends
SUN JAN 24           - 1.2	Arrive Rodman Rec Area Cmpgd
MON JAN 25	11.8	Grassy Pond Campground
TUE JAN 26	22.6	Junction Salt Springs Trail
WED JAN 27	34.1	Hidden Pond Prim Camp Area
THU JAN 28	39.5	Juniper Springs Campground
FRI JAN 29	45.1	Farles Campsite
SAT JAN 30	56.2	Alexander Springs Campground
SUN JAN 31	67.3	Clearwater Lake Campground
MON FEB 01		Orlando

Hopefully the columns stayed together enough so people can make this 



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