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[ft-l] TGIF Hikes

Some time ago (last sping, I think) I asked listers to let me know of
activities that got FT members out during the summer swelters.  

I am happy to report that I had decent turnouts for two short, very social
hikes.  In both cases, we met at the trailhead at 6:00 p.m. on a Friday; I
planned to hike out about 6:15 to allow for stragglers.  We hiked for 1 to 1
1/2 hours, then we drove to a local casual restaurant for dinner.  The first
hike drew 12 intrepid souls; the heat index was 106.  The second hike drew 16
folks; however, we lost 4 (they drove off) as we had to wait a full hour for a
terrific thunderstorm to pass.  

On the hike following the storm we were rewarded by getting really close to 3
sandhill cranes, and then an EXTRAORDINARY sighting--with the setting sun
beginning to paint the sky, across the misty pond, two does, a buck and a fawn
came down to drink.  Well worth the wait.  

We advertised the hikes as a way to unwind after the work week.  

Anybody else had good luck with other summer activities?

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