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Re: [ft-l] Word of the Week!

I had an extraordinary hike of the Grand Canyon in '92 on the Bright
Angel Trail and while I was in great shape at the time hiking down to
the river and back in one day made for very sore muscles the next day.
While doing the hike it was very enjoyable. Depending on when you plan
to go, the heat can be a problem and of course dehydration but us
Floridians are use to that so take lots of water. In order to reserve a
campsite reservations have to be made well in advance. I haven't been to
the North Rim but it is reportedly less crowded. There are extraordinary
views and it would be spectacular to be in the canyon for sunset and

							Triathlon Grandma
sherry n cummings wrote:
> do you have any or  know of  someone who has any advice on hiking the
> grand canyon?
> paul cummings
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