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FW: [ft-l] FT Thruhike Trail Journals?

saffron.hack.net no longer works.  I'm trying to send this via backcountry.net.

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From:	Hale, Pamela 
Sent:	Monday, 24 August, 1998 5:29 PM
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Subject:	FW: [ft-l] FT Thruhike Trail Journals?

Pam Glass and Deb Glick were keeping an online journal of their trek, but I
don't know the address (it was lengthy).  Bill Taylor and probably others in the
Halifax-St. Johns chapter have the address-- can someone get it for Jeff and the
rest of us?

Pam Hale

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From:	Sandy Hubbard [SMTP:sandy@deathsdoor.com]
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Subject:	Re: [ft-l] FT Thruhike Trail Journals?

Jeff, I don't know of anything but I can make stuff up if you want me to.

   I'm not sure if this message got  through...  So, I'm sending it
again.  Server timeout errors?   
>  Hi Everyone,   It's really good to see so much interest in long
>distance hiking on the Florida Trail! To publicize the fact that most of
>the FT  can be thruhiked is one way of gaining it the recognition it needs
>to develope.  I've read many AT thruhikes journals and it has sparked a
>strong desire to  thruhike the AT in the future. But, does anyone know of
>any "online"  (or not) FT thruhiking journals? I'd really be interested in
>reading a FT  thruhike journal.  Possibly even posting it on FBT for
>others to  read<?>   Happy Trails,
>Jeff  Walters
>It is interesting that in  both Japanse Zen
>and Plains Indian animism, there are
>walking and sitting  forms of contemplation.
>Bob Schultheis (The Hidden  West)
>Florida Backpacker's  Trailplace

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