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[ft-l] Hi on the new server.

Just finnished From Here to There . What a great book! That is one
pocket sized full of info 146 pages.
Also just read The Climb by Anatoli Boukreev. A very good book with an "I was there"
profsonal's view of what happened on Everest in 96.

Question: does anyone own or use a Dana/K2 loadmaster terraframe pack.?
I am getting a frame pack and it sounds like this may be the one for me.
I am tired of having a slimy back with my internal frame pack glued to
my back. I stole my dad's camptrails pack and it feels nice and cool. I
would get a camptrails but I hate to spend a reasonable amount of money
on a good pack when I can spend an outragous amount of money for a realy
neat pack that works just as well.

We got a good response from Helpers but no one said they were going to
do the whole trail. If you know someone who is and who does not waist
their lives infront of the great glowing box.(ever notice how your
computer desk resembles an alter?) Feel free to give them my # (727)

Well I have had it. Cabin fever is making my brain swell. Next week I'm
hitting the woods for a couple of nights. I don't care how hot or wet it
is I'm getting OOUUUTTT !!!!

See ya there.
Allen Ahern
the BushMan