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Re: [ft-l] Welcome everyone!

>>     Welcome, to everyone who has made the transfer over to the FT-L.
>>There are about 8 of us so far.  Anyone have any problems?   I've got a
>>good summer backpacking story to share sometime, but I'll hold  it until a
>>few more people jump aboard.  It involves the Ocala NF, Gore-tex  boots,
>>blisters, rain, more rain, wet tarp tents, flooded tent spots, wet
>>people, yoghing rides, and hot hot hot.   Jeff
>and Jeff, were there chiggers, too?  sounds like you've had about enough
>Ocala National Forest for the summer.  guess that's why you missed my bug
>hike a couple of weeks ago.

Oh!!!, I forgot the chiggers, ticks and my new tick pliers!  Well, I'll get
to the story soon enough.

Bug "Hike"... is that where you specifically go hiking trying to find bugs?

Jeff Walters

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