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[ft-l] Hiking boot's for FL trails and bug dope

If you are holding off until January or later you should be in pretty good shape.  You may find some areas wet following a heavy rain, but except for Bradwell Bay in the Apalachicola NF the trail through east-central and north Florida and on out through the panhandle is usually pretty dry.  Also, El Nino is usually followed by La Nina which means drier conditions. We can give you a better forecast closer to your start date.  Playing weather prognosticator in Florida is an impossible task.


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  I am not that familiar with the different sections of the trail, but I can tell you the Ocala section is dry(possibly a puddle or two after rain).  I think there are some wet areas in the panhandle area.  Speak up here Cricket!  
  She'll be able to tell you.

  Bob Sartini <r.sartini@rcn.com> wrote:
    Ho Trailtalker:

    I'm hoping to get back to the FT about 3/1. I hope its not as cold as last year. I just wore socks with the sandels. They're pretty stiff and I think regular inserts would just float around on the sandels. I may try them oyut tho. In fla i would really just want becaus eits so wet.

    If you know the Ft can you tell me if its wet going North from  Christmass?

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