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[ft-l] Hiking boot's for FL trails and bug dope

I am not that familiar with the different sections of the trail, but I can tell you the Ocala section is dry(possibly a puddle or two after rain).  I think there are some wet areas in the panhandle area.  Speak up here Cricket!  
She'll be able to tell you.
The thing that would worry me in a March start, is heat.  By April it's pretty warm in Central FL.  Hopefully, you'll be north of here by then.
I can tell you that it's still HOT here by noon.  I took a 10 mile hike on Sunday and it was hot and there were lots of chiggers about.  Luckily, I was wearing deet and only a few latched on.
  BTW, have you tried the Sawyer's brand of bug lotion?  It's time released and not near as greasy as others I have used.  
Have a great day,

Bob Sartini <r.sartini@rcn.com> wrote:
Ho Trailtalker:
I'm hoping to get back to the FT about 3/1. I hope its not as cold as last year. I just wore socks with the sandels. They're pretty stiff and I think regular inserts would just float around on the sandels. I may try them oyut tho. In fla i would really just want becaus eits so wet.
If you know the Ft can you tell me if its wet going North from  Christmass?

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