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[ft-l] Hiking boot's for FL trails

Bamboo Bob,
When are you planning to continue on the FT?  Maybe I can provide some trail magic when you get up to the Paisley area.  I enjoyed reading your LT journal.
I had heard that you can use orthotics in the bite sandals.  I saw them at Bass Pro, but I didn't understand what holds the orthotic in place.  Do you use Superfeet?
Happy hiking,

Bob Sartini <r.sartini@rcn.com> wrote:
I did  Vermonts Long Trail in Bite Hiking Sandels. 270 rugged miles. I've done the AT twice in Scarpa boots but I definitely plan to complete the FT in these sandels. I've done the southern most 300 miles of the FT and with the water logged trail I think the sandels will outperform any boot. I did the 300 in NB 904's and they just held the water too much. I'm looking forward to letting my feet dry in the sandels while I walk on the dry parts.

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