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[ft-l] Transportation Enhancements Program Saved

Hello All,

Good news for trails and our communities.  Due to the support of the trails
community and others, the US House of Representatives passed an amendment
to the proposed SAFTEA (Transportation Funding) Bill that retains the
Transportation Enhancements program as an required program instead of
leaving it up to the states' discretion whether to fund Transportation
Enhancements such as trails.  If you contacted your Congressman about
supporting transportation enhancements, thank you.  This program has many
funded projects that have aided the Florida Trail including the Cross
Florida Greenway Land Bridge over I-75, the Seminole County trail bridge
over I-4, statewide greenways and trails planning which has provided the
foundation for state agencies to purchase land for the Florida Trail,
safety improvements to come for the trail around Lake Okeechobee, and
improvements to rail-trails and other connecting trails.


Kent L. Wimmer, AICP
Florida National Scenic Trail Liaison
Florida Trail Association, Inc.
(850) 523-8576 (w)
(850) 523-8578 (fax)
(850) 386-8442 (h)
Mailing address:
USDA Forest Service
National Forests in Florida
325 John Knox Rd, F-100
Tallahassee, FL 32303-4160

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  TEAction Alert #8                                                                      
  We Won!  The bipartisan amendment sponsored by Representatives Petri and Olver passed  
  today by a vote of 327 to 90!  The many speakers in favor of the amendment (Democrats  
  and Republicans) were eloquent and dynamic in debate!                                  
  We are so proud of the trails community and how everyone rallied!  Everyone came       
  together and shared information and resources and made the "calls."  We are going to   
  be better for it and stronger as we reauthorize.                                       
  Thank you for all of your work and your networking that helped make this vote          
  possible.  Give yourself a big pat on the back - and then go use your favorite         
  TE-funded trail and celebrate!                                                         
  Pam Gluck, Executive Director                                                          
  American Trails                                                                        
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