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[ft-l] Jonathon Dickinson

Should have been more specific - that's what I was referring to - the FTA
Kitching Creek campsite.  But I'll take all your advice and take the tent.
Drat!  Was really looking forward to a nice trip with the new hammock.

BTW, I just got a new Hennessy Asym.  And Howard Pardue just got a new Speer
hammock this past weekend in the silent auction at the Southeastern Foot
Trails Coalition conference.  Guess we'll have to go hiking together
sometime and compare notes.


> Depends on what campsite your talking about.  I've hung mine on a couple
> occasions at the FTA campsite.  The Kitchen Creek campsite has plently of
> trees, but they are mostly pine trees, which tend to turn the tree saver
> straps into really stickey tree save straps.  At the Scrub Jay site, there
> fewer trees and they are mostly too far apart.  At the two formal
> they probably don't allow them, although not sure why.  About all they
> are Austrailian pines, which they have to get rid of anyway, so any
> damage shouldn't be a problem, not that a properly hung hammock would do
> real damage.
> --
> Paul Guyon
> pjguyon@att.net