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[ft-l] Hiking boot's for FL trails

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boydcw@earthlink.net writes:

> Any suggestions?  Thanks, Chuck

Depends on how much time you have and where you'd like to hike! NOW is the 
time to get out and start backpacking (although I'll be out there Jan-Feb-Mar 
myself) in Central Florida. It's been a wet year, so there are a lot of places 
you'll want to skip until things dry out a little. I have some great 
overnighters (beautiful campsites on the St. Johns and such) in "50 Hikes in North 
Florida." On the FT, the Ocala is a must, and Etoniah Creek State Forest makes a 
good overnighter with a shelter in the middle...Seminole State Forest is 
wonderful, as is the entire Suwannee River section. Osceola Natl Forest is bound to 
still be very wet. If you head over to my side of Ocala, there's 30 miles of 
backpacking on the Cross Florida Greenway (Marshall Swamp to Pruitt) and 3-4 
days on the Citrus Trail (43 mile loop) near Inverness. And LOTS more! All 
depends on how long you want to be out on  the trail. 

Cheers, Sandy
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