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[ft-l] Photo shoot for the FT

I just ran across a volunteer-based idea for the AT that I think would be
neat to do for the FT.  Namely, to pick a weekend and everyone get out on a
section of the FT and shoot some photos.  The photos could then all be
collected and sent to the FTA office for use in various publications/PR

FTA is constantly in need of decent photos for posters, the Footprint, slide
shows, presentations, etc. and this could help satisfy that need as well as
provide us with some fun and a good excuse to get out on the trail.

We particularly need photos showing people using the trail - young/old,
individuals/groups, day hiking/backpacking/tenting - with the trail
identified with a sign or blaze. Natural features along the trail are
welcome as well.

What do you think?