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[ft-l] Introducing Matterhorn


If you have an idea of when you might get to Christmas I could adjust my schedule to meet you. I plan to go from Christmas to Pensacola this season.

bamboo bob
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  Matterhorn, if you make enough mileage on the FT to make it as far north as the Orlando area, give me a call (hopefully a day or two in advance) when you're about to get to Oviedo.  I am a bit of a "trail angel" on the FT, and can often give you a free night's lodging in my guest room--usually with dinner and a hot shower!  My boyfriend (strange word for a woman of 56)   of several years will undoubtedly be glad to meet you too.  He (Jon "Wanchor" Phipps) has done the AT x 3, the PCT, the FT, the Long Trail in Vermont, all the trails in the Smokies--somewhere near 13,000 miles of backpacking.

  You can call me at (407) 365-6036.

  Hope to see you this winter,
  Joan Jarvis


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