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[ft-l] Introducing Matterhorn

My name is Adrian Borner alias Matterhorn from Switzerland. I have
thru-hiked the AT for my 50th birthday in 2001.
I am a project engineer running mostly technical communications projects
for electrical utilities. This involves some travelling to Far and Middle
In the meantime I have really fallen in love with long-distance hiking.
Unfortunately my wife is not anymore able to do proper hiking. This year I
have enjoyed a few 100km in the Swiss Alps. After New Year I hope to do
some hiking in the Everglades in Florida.
My next bigger project is the northern section of the PCT. I hope in 2004
to start in Canada and walk for about 6 weeks south. I try to keep in shape
by cycling everyday to work sun or rain. This gives me some good base
training. As a result I hope to be able to get as far as 1'000km next
summer. I am still debating when I should start. Most likely late August.
This should give me at least the chance to meet some of the thru-hikers on
my way South.
I have not really started my planning, though I have all the books and CD
maps. My basic gear I will use from my AT hike, though will have to replace
some items, especially my back-pack (see
http://www.mypage.bluewin.ch/sunnyhill/AdrianAT.htm). Next year I will
update this web-site.
Adding to the cook pot discussion, I used the 0.9l titanium and was very
happy. A little bit bigger would be nice, but then it also needs more space
in my back-pack. I used it together with Esbit. Relatively early the cover
handle broke. REI replaced the whole pot without any problem free of
charge. I also used a in-line water filter. I had to replace it twice due
to blockage. I may not use it anymore since it does not work well with
dirty water and that is when I really need it.
PS: there is only one thing I do not like in the forum and that is when
people reply with the whole digest attached!