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[ft-l] ocala national forest/hunting season

Hi all,

I'll be in that same area of the ONF the same dates with my Boy Scouts.  We 
are doing a 50 mile trip.
We will be out there the 1-5 of January.  We wear some orange and blow our 
whistles to keep from getting shot as we cross the forest roads and 
highways.  The hunters run dogs and shoot anything that come into the open 
on the roads.  Before we started whistling at road crossings, we had a few 
aiming their guns as we came into the open.  Thats scary!  Now they get a 
little upset sometimes.  Too bad some give others a bad reputation.


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>Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 13:51:32 EST
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>Juniper Wilderness area.  If you want the Halifax-St. John's Chapter is
>hiking into
>Hidden Pond
>on Friday, December 5, or Saturday, December 6 and come out on Sunday,
>December 7.  If you would like to join us your are welcome.
>Holy moly!  I'm doing that same hike that same weekend!  I'll probably see
>you guys out there.
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