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[ft-l] JD Park day hike

The East Loop is still an option - at least from the standing water perspective.  It's much higher than the Kitching Creek Loop.  That gives you a nice 9.4 mile loop.  But I can certainly understand not wanting to hike through there in high temps and humidity.  ;-)  Canoeing sounds like an excellant alternative unless the weather breaks.

We inventoried the East Loop and connector on Monday and Tuesday.  Monday when we reached the Scrub Jay campsite we checked our fairly reliable little thermometers.  Doug's (out in the sun) was over 90 degrees.  Mine, in the little bit of shade I found under some palmettos, read about 86 degrees.  I'm sure with the almost 100% humidity the heat index was much higher.  I had stopped sweating at about 5 miles even tho I was sucking down water constantly.  I needed an hour break at the campsite before I started sweating again.

Where the heck is fall?


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  Dang!  The park is going to be completely underwater by Tuesday!  I think I'll still go up there, but do some canoeing and biking instead.  It's only an hour or so from my house, so I can head up any day and hike.  Like one day when it ain't 86 degrees and humid and the trail's not under water.  

  Thanks for the heads up.



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