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[ft-l] ocala national forest/hunting season

General gun hunting season in the Ocala runs from Nov 8 through Jan 4.  Wear
a blaze orange vest and drape another over your pack and you'll be ok
hiking. The trail is well marked with signs declaring that it is open

However, you will be limited to camping in designated campgrounds except
through the Juniper Prairie Wilderness.  Fortunately there are many such
campgrounds (both the large developed campgrounds and the smaller fee-demo
sites) along the trail through the Ocala.  BTW, backpackers without vehicles
are not required to pay the camping fees at the fee demo campgrounds (like
Buck Lake, Farles Lake, Hopkins Prairie, etc.)


> I'm planning a 4-5 day hike on the ft in the Ocala National Forest in
> December.  Can someone tell me if this is during hunting season?