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[ft-l] JD Park day hike

Just returned from JD yesterday so thought I would give you a little update on current conditions.  

The trail was very well blazed through-out, only one moment of temporary confusion at a turn.  But many of the FT White Diamond signs have faded so they are no longer readable.

There is one big blow-down near the northern end of the East Loop.  We broke off some branches but you will still have to crawl under the tree.  Doug went under, I bushwhacked around.  Doug's way was much easier!

The west side of the East Loop, south from where it crosses the main park road to almost where it pops out near the entrance station is overgrown and has a lot of little blowdowns.  Doug McCoy and I cleared the path a little but didn't have the tools to do any major maintenance.  It's probably been too wet in that area until lately to get a lawn mower through it and that's the major maintenance need.  Particularly around the lake at the south end, the trail was covered with 4-foot high grass.  It's certainly hikable, but be sure to use chigger prevention and watch the gator slides.  

The jeep road that the trail follows between Scrub Jay campsite and the intersection of the East Loop and Kitching Creek Loop connector was muddy in places from recent hog rooting.  Also from all the rain this week.

The connector between East Loop and Kitching Creek Loop is wet, expect places of ankle-deep water particularly after the rain this week.

I didn't get around the Kitching Creek Loop because of the thunderstorms that rolled in on Wednesday and were expected to continue for another couple of days.  Bound to be wet after all the rain, tho.  Wear your water shoes and allow a little extra time.


> I'm doing the 17 mile loop trail at JD 
> park on Tuesday, November 11th.  If 
> anyone is interested in joining me, let 
> me know.  I plan on arriving at the gate 
> when the park opens at 8:00 a.m. to give 
> myself time to finish the trail.
> GoVols
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