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[ft-l] JD Park day hike

actually I've just learned that there is no school for that day since it is 
Armistice day:) God bless peace. Maybe I'll wind up going out there then and 
hiking the whole day.

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>Subject: Re: [ft-l] JD Park day hike
>Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 16:37:25 EST
>In a message dated 11/4/2003 1:23:32 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>observatory8@hotmail.com writes:
>how long do you think the hike will take? I would like to go, but I have
>class at 3:30 in Boca.
>Well, if you want to stop early, you can get off the trail at Kitching 
>which I believe is about 9 -10 miles from the main entrance parking lot.
>That's certainly doable in four or five hours which will give you plenty of 
>to get to class.  The last time I did the trail, it took me about 8 hours 
>three big breaks.
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