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[ft-l] Split Oak Panorama and a New Hobby

Jeff, that is just TOO COOL!


> Well, it looks like I found a new hobby... creating 360 degree panoramas.
> It's just another expansion of my Website Design business at
> http://www.jjwdesign.com/.  I know, that's a blatant business plug... but
> since I moderate this list, I can get away with it. ;)
> I thought I'd share the 360 panorama of the famous Split Oak, just South
> East of Orlando, Florida.  It's an amazing tree and well worth the hike;
> even with a tripod and camera bag.  The photo's don't do it justice IMHO,
> you have to see it close up to admire it properly.  But, for those who are
> disabled or can not make the hike... click on the link below.
> Split Oak
> http://www.jjwdesign.com/pano_split_oak.html
> I've also taken some other 360 degree panoramas from other locations
> Central Florida.  My plan is to try to take some others of remote places
> such as Hidden Pond in the Ocala National Forest; maybe even create a CD
> for sale... who knows...
> Other Panoramas
> http://www.jjwdesign.com/panoramas.html
> Now that I've passed thru the whole ultra-lightweight backpacking "phase",
> can finally get back to the reason I started backpacking... taking
> photographs.  I'm not sure if my digital camera is considered
> ultra-lightweight....hmmm... maybe if I cut off the flash...LOL.  Just
> joking.
> Jeff Walters
> JJW Web Design
> http://www.jjwdesign.com/
> Oh, and btw... there were a couple of interests in the canoe.  I don't
> a good picture, but here a bad one.  You can see the canoe behind the flat
> boat.  It's still for sale.
> http://www.jjwdesign.com/Design/Images/canoe1.jpg
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