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[ft-l] Bill Irwin talk

Some of you may remember Jan "Tagalong" Kerns who worked at UF.
She broke her leg on the AT and had to quit her thruhike some years
ago.  She wrote recently asking me to let folks know about the

Bill Irwin will be the keynote speaker April 26th during the Annual
Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage in Gatlinburg, TN. The website for the
events is at < http://www.springwildflowerpilgrimage.org > and the
phone number is 865-436-7318 ext. 22 (8am-4:30pm weekdays).

I went to the Pilgrimage one year and did several of the hikes.
Learned a lot and had a wonderful time.  Jan is working part time
at the Sugarlands Visitors Center in the Park, lives in Townsend,
TN, and plans to be at the AT Trail Days in May.
	-- eArThworm

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