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[ft-l] Nearly run over on the trail

You might be interested to know that on the FT through the Tosachatchee
Reserve on Sunday I encountered boyscouts on bikes on the trail, WITH the
troop leaders. If they don't get it who will. We need to think of a way to
let people know what the FT is. At least among those who use it a lot.

I also encountered numerous Turkey hunters on the trail in Bull Creek. I
wasn't sure if I wasn't supposed to be there or they we'ren't. But hunting
right on th e trail is probably asking for it. Nice guys though.

Bamboo Bob

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> IMHO, incidents like these need to be reported to the land manager.  There
> seems to be enough money in their budgets for rule enforcement; however
> squeaky wheel does get the grease.  The more complaints they receive on a
> particular infraction, the more likely they are to respond to it.
> ~Pam
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> Hi all,
> Had a situation happen earlier this week near the sink on the trail south
> Hopkins Prairie. I came around a corner on the trail and was almost run
over by
> a large guy on a mountain bike and he was followed by 4 others. I got one
> them stopped and informed them that the FT was not a bike path. Basically
I was
> told that I and the others that had already informed them that they passed
> the trail like me could basically go copulate with myself. Oh to be a
Ranger for
> just 5 minutes. I started looking at the signs on the posts as I continued
on to
> Hidden Pond and I noticed that not all of the little "no" signs, do not
> all the same "no" items. Usually there are ATVs, Motorcycles and etc. but
> only show up now and then.
> What really ticked me off about the whole situation is that I was nice and
> polite about how I conversed with them but they decided to show their
> hind ends about it. I was not demanding them to get off now, just
informing them
> that it was a hiking only trail. To add salt to the wound they did not
> apologize for almost running me over. Oh well.
> Brad
> PS. Trip Report to follow later.
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