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[ft-l] Airboats operators

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> Hello all, just curious if anyone could suggest a good swamp boat opertaion
> in the Everglades. I have a frien who has relatives coming down and he
> would
> like to take them around our beautiful natural habitat. Thanks in advance.
> Ben

My daughter and I went on the Billie Swamp Safari airboat and swamp buggy
tours. I highly recommend them. Besides the tours, they have beautiful
grounds with a mini zoo and there's an interesting restaurant. The Seminole
reservation is a real gem.....a nice campground, a fantastic museum and the
Billie Swamp Safari. It's worth the drive off the interstate!

Here are pics and journal about our trip....

<A HREF="http://www.heathershikinghiatus.homestead.com/SomewhereInSouthFlorida.html";>http://www.heathershikinghiatus.homestead.com/SomewhereInSouthFlorida.html</A>