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[ft-l] Looking Out on the Trail

Paul, Skip and Carl:

Whew! What interesting posts.

First, Paul, you mentioned watching your step on the trail. I am wondering
whether you or anyone else on the list has encountered snakes, and if so,
what you do about it. Two weeks ago in Kissimmee Prairie SP, I nearly stepped
on a pygmy rattlesnake. The ranger confirmed there were a lot of those snakes
there. After that, the next day I was almost afraid to look up in case I
stepped on another snake. Especially when you're on long hikes, just how much
can you keep looking down at your feet?

Skip, bravo for you for reporting trail violations. But aren't you concerned
that by taking these people's pictures you might invite some of them to rough
you up or steal your camera? Especially if you're out in the middle of
nowhere where there aren't any witnesses or . . . ? Or have you had good luck
with this approach? Just wondering if I should do the same thing.

Carl, it's incredible to think you've almost been run over by an airboat
while on a hiking trail. It's just one of those things I can't imagine
happening. Airboats really going across the land -- ? Do you remember where
you were? Amazing.