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[ft-l] Nearly run over on the trail

IMHO, incidents like these need to be reported to the land manager.  There never
seems to be enough money in their budgets for rule enforcement; however the
squeaky wheel does get the grease.  The more complaints they receive on a
particular infraction, the more likely they are to respond to it.

Knowledge is Power

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Hi all,
Had a situation happen earlier this week near the sink on the trail south of
Hopkins Prairie. I came around a corner on the trail and was almost run over by
a large guy on a mountain bike and he was followed by 4 others. I got one of
them stopped and informed them that the FT was not a bike path. Basically I was
told that I and the others that had already informed them that they passed on
the trail like me could basically go copulate with myself. Oh to be a Ranger for
just 5 minutes. I started looking at the signs on the posts as I continued on to
Hidden Pond and I noticed that not all of the little "no" signs, do not contain
all the same "no" items. Usually there are ATVs, Motorcycles and etc. but bikes
only show up now and then.

What really ticked me off about the whole situation is that I was nice and
polite about how I conversed with them but they decided to show their preverbal
hind ends about it. I was not demanding them to get off now, just informing them
that it was a hiking only trail. To add salt to the wound they did not even
apologize for almost running me over. Oh well.


PS. Trip Report to follow later.

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