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[ft-l] Almost ran over on the trail

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Hi all,
Had a situation happen earlier this week near the sink on the trail south o=
f Hopkins Prairie. I came around a corner on the trail and was almost run o=
ver by a large guy on a mountain bike and he was followed by 4 others. I go=
t one of them stopped and informed them that the FT was not a bike path. Ba=
sically I was told that I and the others that had already informed them tha=
t they passed on the trail like me could basically go copulate with myself.=
 Oh to be a Ranger for just 5 minutes. I started looking at the signs on th=
e posts as I continued on to Hidden Pond and I noticed that not all of the =
little "no" signs, do not contain all the same "no" items. Usually there ar=
e ATVs, Motorcycles and etc. but bikes only show up now and then.

What really ticked me off about the whole situation is that I was nice and =
polite about how I conversed with them but they decided to show their preve=
rbal hind ends about it. I was not demanding them to get off now, just info=
rming them that it was a hiking only trail. To add salt to the wound they d=
id not even apologize for almost running me over. Oh well.


PS. Trip Report to follow later.