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[ft-l] Re: Getting Started

Where is home?

JSteffey7@aol.com wrote:
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> Hello All,
> A year ago, my son did a weekend hike on the FT in preparation for an eighty
> mile hike in the 237,000 acre Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.  Since then
> he and I have talked a lot about a weekend hike on the FT with some of the
> older scouts in our troop.  My son's hike began at River Ranch which is about
> 25 miles west of the turnpike on route 60 (A two and a half hour drive from
> home).  Does anyone have any suggestions for a beginners hike for us close to
> home.  And please tell me which chart to purchase.  From your suggestions I
> can begin to narrow this down.  I am thinking that a good time for this hike
> would be next fall.
> I have been on this email list for a couple of months now and am really
> enjoying all the trail reports and information.  Thanks for your replies.
> JSteffey7@aol.com
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