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[ft-l] mullet wrapper article

Hi David:

I will go back to complete my FT hike in two weeks. I've hiked the AT twice
and am a member of the FT and the ATC and AMC too.

Last year I met a woman on the AT in Georgia, at tre mountain shelter on a
rainy day. We were discussing hiker stuff and trails past and future.  Her
comment about the FT  " it takes real balls to hike the FT'

Right then I decided next stop after MT Katahdin would be the FT.

Yes the FT is flat, but logistically its more difficult than most of the AT.
Its certainly wetter and  a hiker is very alone on the Florida Trail.

Its also consistantly beautiful. Its not as well blazed as the AT but a lot
of people (not me) think the AT is over blazed. I found it to be adequately
blazed. (Just keep looking, you'll see that orange splotch eventually):)
I've seen more wildlife in 200 miles of FT than 4500 miles of  AT.

I love the FT and I hope to love it more.  We do need better guide books and
an AT like data book would help. The more people who thru-hike the FT the
more there wil be people who want to thru-hike it. The FT just hasn't hit
critical mass yet. I admit the permits and approvals is a disincentive  for
the AT folks  but  time will alter some of that I expect. The FT doesn't
need thru-hikers. The trail is mainly for local people to enjoy but
thru-hikers do generate the publicity that can help the trail.

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> Brad,
> I am certain that the article was done well, and I am certain that the
> people that were interviewed were interesting and informative.  I am,
> however, developing a slight pet peeve regarding Long-distance trail
> articles IN FLORIDA, that don't use the FNST as the basis of the article.
> I know everyone has heard of the AT, but how do we expect greater
> recognition for the FNST and the Florida Trail System if our own local
> (read: Florida) papers don't use us as the destination rather than the AT.
> I know that we get coverage for the FT in most of the papers, and I have a
> great respect for the AT, and those that hike it.  I simply feel that the
> FNST should be the focus of any Long-distance trail article that is
> published in Florida.  If I lived in NC, I would certainly expect said
> article to be about the AT or if I lived out west, then maybe the PCT or
> CDT, but I live in Florida, and gosh darnnit our trail deserves the
> of our local media on a consistent basis.
>       Unfortunately the problem is even bigger that this though.  I led a
> hike in Torreya State Park recently.  The trail there is a part of the
> Florida Trail System and is maintained by the Apalachee Chapter.  While on
> the hike, we met two hikers going the other direction.  I very politely
> hailed them, and inquired about their day, their hike, and where they were
> from.  They said they were having a wonderful time and that they lived in
> Chipley, FL.  I then quite naturally asked them if they were FT members (I
> don't know everyone's face yet :))  They looked at me strangely and said,
> "Gosh no, we hike the AT not the Florida Trail."  I think they may have
> also mentioned that they were ATC members.  There is nothing wrong with
> being a ATC member.  Many FT members also belong to ATC, or AHTS (Alabama
> Hiking Trails Society), and many others.  The thing that bothered me as I
> wished them well upon their way, was that these hikers, who live in
> Florida, obviously do some hiking in Florida, and would be a great asset
> the organization, was their apparent disdain for the FNST.  They said that
> they only hiked in Torreya because of the ups and downs.  I mentioned the
> challenges of the trail along the FNST, but they shook their heads, as if
> to say "Sure there are challenges, now move along."
>       Sorry to everyone for the rant, but this has been growing in me for
> while, and I guess that article was the match on the dry straw.  I'd like
> to finish by saying that the AT is the Granddaddy of trails, and the FTA
> has a wonderful relationship with the ATC.  But we've been around over 35
> years.  What more do we have to do, because I for one will walk across hot
> coals, lead anyone who doubts in Bradwell or Big Cypress, only tell me so
> we can get started!
> Whew.
> -Hatter
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> David,
> They did run a multi page article in November of last year about a couple
> that hiked  the AT earlier in the year. I saved it and am looking at it
> right now. The couple was Merridith and Kyle Arola and it talked about the
> training that they went through to prepare. Kyle was a former Marine but
> due to some problems and the pain that ensued he had to dropout in VA.
> Merridith continued on and finished. It basically painted a realistic
> picture of the trials of the trail and even listed the gear that she used
> in her 35 pound pack. The article was very well done in my opinion. It
> definately did not make it sound like the average person could just strap
> on a pack and go.
> I don't know if they did not include an interview with a thru hiker in
> latest article for this reason, it might have been.
> Brad
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> I don't suppose anyone in the Gainesville area would want to write a
> to the editor thanking them for putting in a story about hiking, but
> them why they didn't interview a FT thru-hiker?
> Any takers?
> Dave "Hatter" Rohe
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