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[ft-l] mullet wrapper article

They did run a multi page article in November of last year about a couple t=
hat hiked  the AT earlier in the year. I saved it and am looking at it righ=
t now. The couple was Merridith and Kyle Arola and it talked about the trai=
ning that they went through to prepare. Kyle was a former Marine but due to=
 some problems and the pain that ensued he had to dropout in VA. Merridith =
continued on and finished. It basically painted a realistic picture of the =
trials of the trail and even listed the gear that she used in her 35 pound =
pack. The article was very well done in my opinion. It definately did not m=
ake it sound like the average person could just strap on a pack and go.

I don't know if they did not include an interview with a thru hiker in this=
 latest article for this reason, it might have been.


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I don't suppose anyone in the Gainesville area would want to write a letter
to the editor thanking them for putting in a story about hiking, but asking
them why they didn't interview a FT thru-hiker?

Any takers?

Dave "Hatter" Rohe

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