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[ft-l] Keeping Hiking Trails as Hiking Trails


 Excellent post!  Kiosks which identify the Trail throughout the State of 
Florida would tie it all together and educate as well.  The three 8 x 11 notices 
are a good idea. 

I would suggest that the third page be updated appropriately.  Of course, 
that would be the intent, but I have seen in some public parks where a volunteer 
association was responsible, outdated information pages and it spoiled the 
purpose of the page. 

If there was a two page information section with current month and next month 
(or future highlights of coming attractions) it would take more work but it 
might light a fire under some people and encourage more trail use.  This takes 
more work and people are already stretched in many areas.

Good thinking and I hope it comes to fruition.

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